Our Services

We are striving to be one of the leading eye care firms with regard to quality eye care services. Our services are varied and diverse, tailored to meet your satisfaction. Below is a brief explanation of our services.


We measure our client’s eye dimensions and specifics to determine the power of glasses they would be suited by and other necessary glass-making requirements. Once the power is determined we also measure the client’s appropriate glass size and the appropriate frames. Unlike other firms which offer ready-made glasses and thus the client has no choice in the appropriateness of the size of the glass, True Eyecare ensures that it satisfies the needs of the client by measuring and offering the client the most appropriate size and color of the glasses.

Manufacture designer glasses

For individuals who need to replace their glasses or purchase a pair for the first time, visit True Eyecare for discounted and very friendly prices. We are able to manufacture designer glasses that will suite your style and needs.

Repair/ adjust glasses

We can repair most damaged glasses as well as making adjustments. Glasses, due to the fact that they may be made from different materials, may crack of break when they fall or even get scratched over time. It is wise and recommended that you come in for routine maintenance on your Eyewear regularly to insure your Eyewear is fitting properly. True Eyecare repairs such glasses so they look new at the end of the day. Got some broken or scratched glasses? Bring them to us and you will go home smiling.

Prescription Of Ophthalmic Eye Wear

We do accurate prescription of the exact type of glasses that you are supposed to wear, upon diagnosing your eyes and determining the glass power level required. It is always wise and recommendable to wear the doctor’s recommended glasses. Visit us and we will examine you and fit you with the appropriate glasses.

Designer Frames

Other than our other top class glasses, we also sell ready-made designer glasses to individuals. Our prices are friendly to your pocket and, are also set with the diversity of customers in mind.

  • Temple replacement
  • Temple shortening
  • Spring hinge repair
  • Frame repairs
  • Nosepad replacements
  • Drill-mount repairs
  • Rimless frame repairs

We repair and adjust most frames!

*Repair and adjustment of patient own frames are the responsibility of patient.