Air Optix Aqua Multifocal – 6 Pack

Whether you’re reading, driving or working on a computer, you can enjoy crisp, clear vision with AIR OPTIX AQUA MULTIFOCAL contact lenses even if approaching 40 or over. They’re designed with TriComfort Technology to provide breathability and moisture retention, while resisting deposit buildup. At last, a lens that provides a smooth transition as your eyes move naturally from one focal distance to another by providing vision for near, intermediate, and far.

  • Right Eye (OD)

    • 75 $

    Left Eye (OS)

    • 75 $
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LENS TYPE: Monthly disposable, soft contact lenses.
PACKAGE DETAILS: 6 sterile, multifocal, handling tinted soft contact lenses in buffered saline containing 1% Copolymer 845
MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 67% lotrafilcon B.
MANUFACTURER: Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Additional information

additional information

BRAND: Air Optix¨ MANUFACTURER DISCLAIMER: AIR OPTIX¨ AQUA MULTIFOCAL (lotrafilcon B) contact lenses: High oxygen transmissible lenses. Dk/t = 138 @ -3.00D. Other factors may impact eye health. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR AIR OPTIX¨ AQUA MULTIFOCAL (LOTRAFILCON B) CONTACT LENSES: For daily wear or extended wear up to 6 nights for near / far-sightedness and/or presbyopia. Risk of serious eye problems (i.e., corneal ulcer) is greater for extended wear. In rare cases, loss of vision may result. Side effects like discomfort, mild burning or stinging may occur.


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